Wednesday, June 4, 2008

19 Things Sisters can do for Islam

Alhamdulillah, i'm fine now, syukron jazilan atas do'a2 sohib semua, :)
Btw, mumpung lagi sehat, ummi punya tugas baru, "nyari sekolah Azzam", khan tempo hari awal2 tahun masih susah ngebujukinnya, (sampe' sekarang malah...) kata Azzam, "Aku suka sekolah di Bangkok...", "aku kangen teachers and friends yang di Bangkok...". Makanya, Azzam masih "homeschooling" and privat kemaren2 ini, sekalian dibujuk2 juga supaya mau pilih2 sekolah di KL. ^-^ do'ain yah friends! :)
Ohya, tadi jalan2 ke sini nih...dulu, aq pernah baca2 pesan ini, tapi dah agak2 lupa dimana nyimpen filenya, alhamdulillah saat jalan2 ke web tsb, bisa dicatat dan diingat2 lagi, :)

19 Things Sisters can do for Islam
By: A SoundVision Staff Writer

Sisters, as much as brothers, are responsible for contributing to Islamic work in the world. There are a number of things that can be done on a personal, family and community level.

Sound Vision talked to four Muslim sisters who are active in their communities for their ideas.
They suggested the following:
1.Remember you are a khalifa on earth
2.Make your intention for the sake of Allah
3.Make Dua (supplication)
4.Seek knowledge, a path to Paradise and power
5.Learn about your rights and duties and change who you are accordingly
6.Raise good Muslim sons and daughters
7.Speak out against injustice
8.Don’t underestimate the power of social activities
9.Go into professions that are needed in the community
10.Teach in Islamic weekend schools
11.Enjoin the good and forbid the evil
12.Promote and appreciate sisters doing good work
13.Support other sisters in need or difficulty
14.Get sympathetic speakers and scholars invited to the community
15.Teach sisters how to deal with discrimination
16.Become journalists and media professionals
17.Use what you have
18.Know and teach women’s history
19.Understand the issues of the day

Semoga bermanfaat, be creative and wish you always success!

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Tirana said...

Salam Ry..

How old is Azzam? My youngest son pun homeschooling for the time being. He's 6. Next year he's going to school, InsyaAllah.