Tuesday, July 20, 2010

my little poem... :-) I just want to save here

1. for my friends in the beautiful park, :-)

I saw him...
robber coward
wild wolf
destroy intimacy

even in cyberspace
you really envious and wicked
even in cyberspace
you empty the work
smuggler in the park, one word for you: Poor Coward!

(krk, 1.11pm, mond)
from my patience...

2. A peaceful soul

flowers in the deserted park
Not faithful to the promise of loss
When the heart must await
Make sure that the self-resistance tested
Let him not come
Do not waste your time
Tomorrow before you can guess
See Seedling seed for show love

Ooh, like a nice smell
flower of romance
Brought flying to the limit nirvana
Floated gently
the soul flying like kites

thinking about love
while we still alive
untill whenever

(krk, mond. 5.13 pm)
from my heart

Thanks and salaam, friends... (^-*)

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Anonymous said...

good job!